Friday, March 14, 2014

I Woke Up (Ten minutes late...) Like Dis

I’d like to start by apologizing for my lack of posts this week. Real life and high school has caught up with me and I’ve been so busy with school and dance that I have had little time to even get ready in the morning. So today I’m bringing you an easy outfit for someone like me with little time in the morning and giving you tips for quick and easy makeup.

I started this outfit with my easy basics, black leggings, nude flats, and a denim shirt. These are all things you can easily slip on in the morning that require little effort I love denim shirts and the ability to dress them up or down. With this look I added a teal infinity scarf for a pop of color. My all-time must have, my pearl earrings, added a little charm to a laid back outfit.

Watches are a daily must have for me to keep time and check the date when you're on the go. My silver Fossil watch paired with a classic Pandora charm bracelet added a little bling to this outfit.

For my hair I did a take on a Dutch braid or reverse French braid as some call it. But my nine-year-old sister has been referring to it as the Elsa braid every day.  It looks really neat with hair like mine that has low and highlights.

While I’m no beauty guru, I love doing my makeup and trying out new things. However when you’re in a morning rush there’s not much room for a full face. So I use a few easy tricks to speed up my makeup. First off, I skip the foundation and go straight for the powder. It takes less time and effort but still mattes and gives sheer coverage. When it comes to eyeshadow I sadly set my palettes to the side and pull out a neutral shadow stick like this one from Sephora in Taupe. Add some pencil liner and skip the eyelash curler with a curling mascara. Sweep on a pink gloss (I’m loving this one) to pull it all together.

I type this post sipping on my morning smoothie on my bus hoping that some of my tips can help you get out the door. But of course, we all have our flaws and I have mornings where I rush around like a maniac panicking to get out the door in time. Help a girl out? Give me some of your tips below.

-xoxo clb

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