Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break Packing

Faced with a case of writer’s block this week, I did what anyone would do and turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I found all my friends pinning about spring break essentials and packing for their warm weather excursions, so I thought I’d take my own spin on it.

The Essentials
There are a few things that without a doubt are needed for any spring vacation. These things are important to pack before you even begin to plan out your outfits because of their versatility with most any outfit.

1. A denim jacket
Spring weather can be unpredictable when traveling. Having an easy denim jacket allows for any outfit to adapt to colder temperatures.

2. Solid Color Tees
With printed shorts popping up all over, you have to counterbalance with solid colors on top. A solid v-neck is perfect for layering and keeping it simple with standout jewelry and bottoms.

3. One pair of versatile sandals
Whether it’s the beach or a stay-cation, sandals that can go with any outfit are a must. A neutral pair can be dressed up or down and works from beach mornings to evening dinners.

These are just three basic pieces you absolutely must have for any getaway. But as we all know, this isn’t just any getaway. This is spring break, only a preview of your summer. Make sure to show that through what you wear. Bright colors, sunnies, croakies, Jacks, all the works. Pack these but be wary of what you'll be doing and the weather. Plan for the unexpected but explore new outfit combinations. Worried about overpacking? Afraid you'll forget something?  Check out some do's and don't's of packing for any vacation.

DO plan your outfits when packing. Keep in mind what you plan on doing and what's appropriate for each situation.
DON'T overpack toiletries. While the necessities are fine, makeup and hair products aren't needed as much, especially when on a beach vacation.
DO pack more than you think you need, but not necessarily. Fewer dresses, more swimsuits. More tees, fewer accessories.
DON'T fret over jewelry. Bring a few pieces that go with many outfits and one or two trusty pairs of earrings. 

My biggest do? Express yourself and show your style through everything you pack. Don't overdo it and prepare to make the most of your break!

-xoxo clb

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