Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Showers

So sorry I've been MIA! I was in recovery from break this week had a huge dance competition this weekend with little time to write. But don't worry loves, I am here, writing on this rainy Monday (yes you're reading this on Tuesday hush) night. As we all know it is April, and we all know what April brings. I've been inspired by the month of rain to put together some outfits on my new Polyvore account that are perfect for rain. Let's check them out.

This outfit is my favorite mainly because I own almost all of it. I live in my Marley Lilly rain jacket on rainy days and rely on my trusty Kate Spade boots and Lilly umbrella to keep me dry. I've been lusting over anything Longchamp and this coin purse is adorable

Let me start this by saying that I LOVE red Hunter boots! While I don't own a pair, I love the look of them. A color like red you wouldn't think would be as versatile as it is, but my Pinterest could probably tell you otherwise. I've always had a thing for white jackets, and this one from North Face will keep you dry all day. Damask is my favorite (non-Lilly) print, especially in black and white, and this umbrella is so cute. Baseball hats are a staple of mine recently, and the monogram makes this one.

And in this set we learn how bad I am at laying out Polyvores. But I do love this one. Kelly green has been a favorite of mine since I was young, and this coat is so cute. The striped umbrella brings a pop of print and the black rain boots add some neutral simplicity. Everyone knows I love tortoise, and these sunglasses are reminiscent of Audrey in my favorite movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I'm going to try to reboot my posting regularity soon. I've got some great stuff planned for y'all in the coming months and I can't wait. But for now, I'll be out splashing in the puddles.

-xoxo clb


  1. I have a sorority windbreaker that I get so much use out of when it rains!
    Love your blog and posts- I just recently started a blog this year you should definitely check out my latest post!



    1. Thank you so much! What sorority are you in? Just followed your blog, love it!

  2. Love these rainy day outfits! Just discovered your blog & it is so cute :D


    1. Thank you so much! They were really fun to put together. Love your blog, your recent AP exam post is perfect for a girl like me taking her first AP test soon