Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hilton Head Island: Top Five!

Happy Spring Break! Although I wasn't at school Thursday or Friday, my break officially began Monday. Today my sister and I flew down to Savannah, spent most of the day there, then drove about a half hour out to my favorite vacation spot growing up: Hilton Head Island. If you haven't been, Hilton Head is an island just off the coast of South Carolina. From before I was even one up until I started dancing competitively, we spent at least a week there every year with cousins and my immediate family and grandparents and more. I haven't been since spring break of a few years ago, and even so I know it like I left yesterday.

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With a place like Hilton Head, you find your regular spots; you find the restaurants you love and the sights to see and the shops to visit. My family has quite a few of these special places that we frequent whenever we go. I’ll share a few of them with you

1. Salty Dog Café

Chances are, even if you haven’t been, you’ve heard of Salty Dog. That famous logo is on everything from shirts to mugs to towels and more. The restaurant itself is great, and we make sure to visit every time we go.

2. Hilton Head’s Lighthouse

The classic red-and-white-striped lighthouse is the landmark of Hilton Head, gracing any and all merchandise. It’s a great visit, nestled in the midst of shops and golf courses, and is worth the climb. 114 stairs are worth it for the beautiful view of the island.

3. Marley’s

My sister on our last visit

Possibly my favorite Hilton Head restaurant. A Jamaican vibe and great food makes this a great family spot. We try to go at least once whenever we go to Hilton Head and I know it well. The ice cream shop just outside is possibly the best part with a great atmosphere and great music. I’ll be going tonight!

4. The beach, obviously

Another 2009 throwback

I grew up on this beach. Going every summer gave me something to look forward to every year with my cousins (who are practically my brothers). Laced with all kinds of shells, the beaches in Hilton Head are great from sunrise to sunset, and boy is it a beautiful sunset.

5. Old Oyster Factory

Missing out on this one on this trip (they went without us last night; conceal don’t feel) but it’s always a favorite, and not just because of the great seafood selection. The location is beautiful, settled just on the shore with a beautiful view of the water.

Any of you been to Hilton Head? Do you have your favorite spots? Let me know in the comments below, and if you haven’t been tell me about your spring break!

-xoxo clb

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