Friday, May 9, 2014

Finally a Jack Rogers Girl

Three posts in a week? I know it's crazy, but I've been super inspired to write lately. I've had so much to write about, and today's post is worth it.

On Wednesday, I came home to this.

My mom and I have had a standing deal for quite some time: Get an A on a test in my AP Statistics class, and I could get a pair of Jack Rogers. I worked hard and studied and finally got a 92% on a test in my hardest class. The note on the box says: "Congrats on your 92%! Keep it up! Lots of love, Mom."

I was ecstatic, and of course, what was the first thing I did?

Characteristically, JC didn't answer.

I hadn't even opened them at this point, I was too excited. So I opened them up, unwrapped the tissue, and revealed my brand new Platinum Classic Navajos. I immediately put them on, only to learn that all the "breaking in new Jacks" buzz was true. They took some work to get on, but the minute they were...

...I was in love.

They were so pretty, and the craftsmanship is apparent. Each pair is handmade in the US, and you can tell how much pride these people take into their work. 

As I said before, they really do need to be broken in. I have pretty thick carpet in my bedroom, and when I first put on the sandals I slid around a ton. Definitely take the bottoms to some concrete and scuff them up. They also take some work, I've been wearing them all around the house to get them used to my feet and my feet used to them. Wearing them around school has helped a lot already and they don't hurt nearly as much as I've heard from other people.

In true blogger fashion, I had to incorporate them into today's OOTD. I'm loving this outfit, and I've worn it similarly before, but not with Jack Rogers. So here it is.

I'm wearing a J. Crew sweater, white jeans, and a J. Crew statement necklace. It's finally a good time to wear white jeans and shorts, and I love the clean look of it.

Coral and mint is one of my favorite color combinations (foreshadowing a post to come?) and this statement necklace that I borrowed from my mom is a perfect little pop of contrast. The antique gold in the necklace compliments the platinum of my Jacks. 

I actually hate my feet and taking pictures of them, one of the many struggles of being a dancer. But it was necessary today. On my toes I have Peach Daquiri by Essie, a really pretty mix between hot pink and coral.

Definitely about to fall in this.

When I first saw Jacks a few years ago, I wasn't a fan for some reason. Now I'm in love, and all I can say is

{If you know me, you know I am the embodiment of
Sharpay Evans}

That's all I have for y'all today. Taking this opportunity to give my mom a shoutout. My photographer, my editor, and everything in between. She's pretty cool I guess. I mean, she is the one who got these for me. Look for a post all about Mama Brewer this weekend.

-xoxo clb


  1. Aw congratulations on your first pair!! I remember when I got my first pair (just the classic gold) I was over the moon! Now I'm dying for a navy/white pair. Or you know, one in every color please?