Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day all! This weekend has been such a great break from the stress of school. My first year of high school has been a whirlwind and I cannot believe I only have two weeks left. It's been a great year, but you'll hear more about that later.

I've tried to make the most of this lovely three-day weekend; seeing friends and family, using the pool, and making up for all the sleep I don't get during the week. Let me share some of my weekend with you. 

On Saturday I slept in until 11 but stayed in bed for another hour talking to Meredith on FaceTime. I came downstairs to find my whole family working on the outside of our house. We've only lived here about 3 1/2 months, and while the inside has gotten lots of work, the outside needed some love. Avery and I had fun helping where we could and playing in the yard.

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And of course ex-gymnast Avery spent all her time doing this.

As soon as Meredith came over we headed straight for the pool. It was an absolutely perfect day and the pool was deserted, so we had it practically all to ourselves.

Top: Target, Bottoms: Old Navy
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 Mer had to leave to babysit, but came back to spend the night around midnight. We stayed up late watching Clueless and crashed afterwards.

Sunday morning, this happened.

But as soon as she got up, we headed straight for The Coffee Pub, a local breakfast place walking distance from my house that we always go to on the weekends. They have such great food and such a great atmosphere that keeps us coming back with friends in tow.

She's beautiful.

The vanilla milkshakes are always great, served in tall, fifties-style glasses.

I got the Belgian Waffle with bacon and strawberries which was fantastic.

Our server was named, and could easily pass for, Hans...

 We made the most of our free time together and went to go see Meredith's grandparents who live in my neighborhood. They were so sweet and we had a great time. Unfortunately, it was time for Mer to leave and we parted as if we wouldn't be seeing each other approximately 24 hours later at rehearsal. One mason jar tea and three episodes of 90210 later, my friend Sydney came over to spend the night. 


We grilled out with my parents and enjoyed fresh cut watermelon (which consisted of lots of BeyoncĂ© singing) and s'mores. We were up past two chatting with my parents and listening to music, but eventually we crashed. Hard. 

Today (Monday) we woke up to donuts and more watermelon, followed by another trip to the pool. 

The weather was absolutely perfect and everyone was out to enjoy the sun and their Memorial Day. I say perfectly situated in the shade to avoid burning my porcelain skin. 

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I ended my lovely weekend with a 4-hour rehearsal and studying for a test. It's back to reality for two more weeks and then, after my dance recital, I am free to see what this summer will bring. 

-xoxo clb

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