Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dad's Pretty Cool, Too

Happy Father's Day! Just as I did with my momma, I wanted to do a post dedicated solely to my dad, because honestly my dad is amazing.

He works for a company that requires him to travel all around the country, and he's rarely home. While it's hard on us, he makes such an amazing effort to keep in contact with us. He texts both my mom and me checking in on us, asking about tests and how my friends are and how dance was. We all cherish Friday nights when he's home and we all go out to dinner.

My dad is probably one of my biggest support systems. He wants my dreams for me just as much as I do. When I was seven or eight, when I had first discovered performing, my dad told me that when I was thirteen, he would take me wherever I wanted. At that age I said New York City, and gave the same answer for the next six years. When the day came, Dad took me to what would be my dream city the rest of my life. He took me to my first Broadway show and I fell in love. And everyday, he reminds me of that little girl and how big her dreams were. I strive everyday to be the girl thirteen-year-old me wanted to be.

On that trip to NYC, 2011

Everyone needs that one person in their life that pushes them to be the best they can be, and that's my dad. Now, don't get me wrong, my mom is great too. But my dad is always there (even if he's not there) to motivate me about school, dance, anything. My dad is the one who questions not just what the destination is, but the steps along the way, and he does everything in his power to help me reach those steps.

Dad always tells me about all my inherited "curses" from him, and while they may be bad things in some forms, they have helped me along the way. I'm stubborn like my dad, but it helps me fight for what I want. I'm a good arguer like him, but it comes in handy when there's something I truly believe in. I am so much like him in scary ways and I thank my stars for that almost daily.

I could write an essay on how my dad inspires me, but we don't have time for that. He works so hard, both at work and elsewhere, and motivates me to do the same. This is the man who, at a job interview, said he could be the top seller in a year and a year later was. That's the kind of drive I want. He fights hard too, through injuries, through troubles, through losses, through my teenage mood swings. He's strong, inside and out, and I want to be like that.

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I know in my Mother's Day post I talked about how both Mother's and Father's Day are kind of brushed aside, but I think this is even more so for Father's Day. We get a card and a tie for our dads and grandfathers and move on. Do something more for your dad this year (unless your tie is killer, then by all means). Happy Father's Day, Dad. Here's to many more years of late night fire pits on the patio and in-depth analyses of grunge music. I love you, you rock.

-xoxo clb