Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recital Week Outfits and Recap

Hey guys! So, as I've said before, competitive dance takes up the majority of my life. The 2013-14 season has been my seventh competitive season and I love it. During early June every year, we have our annual recital at the historic Lexington Opera House. It's such a beautiful venue and I love performing there. It's tradition for all of us to dress up for recital nights, so I'll show you my outfits and other mayhem from our 2013-14 recital.

Opening Night

Ah I love opening nights! Everyone is so excited to finally present what they've worked hard on all year, to show friends and family just what we've got. This is by far the night we dress up the most and we have a blast with it. I totally forgot I even owned this dress, so I was so happy to wear it. Classic nude shoes were the way to go. Also the background of these pictures looks pretty sketchy, but fret not, it's just the lobby of the Opera House stage door.

Day 2

Pay no attention to the blonde in the mirror

The morning of our second show I woke up to these lovely blooms. The white roses (my second favorite only to Osiria roses) from my dad and the mixed bouquet from my grandparents. I absolutely love having flowers in my room and these are beautiful.

I tried to combat second-show-slump and went a little more casual for the show. This ombré strapless dress from American Eagle was so comfy and perfect for tonight. I paired it with my Jacks and was good to go. Little miss Savannah, one of my "biggest fans" and practically another little sister to me killed it in classic Lilly and flats. Monday was a great night dance-wise and we were officially halfway there.

Day 3

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that my studio's colors are black and gold. On our third day of shows I decided to pay homage to that in this LBD from The Limited and a gold glitter belt, not to mention the necessary Jacks for my post-show painful feet.

Struggle...                                                                 And pose

One of my favorite parts of shows is when all my friends come visit. Whether it's been a week or a year since I've seen them, it's always a joy when people come out and support. This year my friend William who I haven't seen in ages. came out to visit (below). But of course I love spending quality time with my DESOD family, like my best friend Aaron (above).

Closing Night

I'm not crying that's just stage smoke in my eyes. Closing is always emotional as we say goodbye to all our seniors. One of my biggest role models, Lexi, is leaving, and while she may only be six miles away at UK I'm really going to miss her.

*wipes tear* Okay, moving on. I stopped in Old Navy today to exchange a dress and left with this beauty, which I knew immediately I had to show off tonight. This linen strapless floral dress is so cute and can be dressed up or down. I paired it with my nude heels for a classic, easy look.

My "queen" Sloan. I can't imagine doing a show without her.

Ah I love visitors!

Lexi again. 

After closing night for the last six years we have gone to Applebee's until the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately, our Applebee's closed, so a few of us with sparklers in tow headed to one dancer's house and ate, talked, and took in some much needed R&R.

This ends my post wrapping up my ninth Diana Evans recital. Each year brings new experiences, new memories, and more anticipation for what's to come the next year.

-xoxo clb

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