Monday, June 30, 2014

We Be All Night

Wow. Okay. That happened.

If you follow me on any social media you know that I looove Beyoncé. So imagine my reaction when two months ago one of my best friends Mary texted me that she was coming to Cincinnati on her On The Run tour. We begged and begged our moms, and they eventually said yes. And the countdown ensued.

The day came and neither Mary nor I could concentrate on anything the whole day. By the time she came to pick me up, we were both holding back screams of excitement. We hit the road for Cincinnati, listening to her music and making references all the way there.

Here's a little peek at our outfits (that we'd both planned out for weeks) to the concert.

On me: The Limited Shirt, Old Navy ShortsMacy's Shoes, Francesca's Earrings (similar)

I of course had to wear my black and pink for Beyoncé, and can we talk about these earrings? I'm borrowing them from my sister and she'll be lucky to get them back. They're adorable and perfect for Queen Bey.

After going through parking and getting our tickets, we were finally in Great American Ballpark. And you guys, there was a rainbow. Seriously?! We knew this night would be perfect.

Thanks to our cousin Chris, our seats were absolutely perfect. Not the floor (that madness was a little too much for us) but the first ground level in the eighth row. What.

Around 9:20, it finally began. And this picture about summarizes the whole concert for me.

Yeah. My face the majority of the concert. We ended up having an amazing time. Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z were so on and such good performers. They sang everything you wanted to hear, and the costumes, lighting, set, everything was flawless. I wish my pictures of the concert itself were a little better but I'll share a few.

She's real. Like what. Her voice and her dance moves and everything was so spot on and, as many screechy videos I rematch or pictures I save, I can't relive that moment of being there. I was so happy to share this with Mary and I will never forget it. One final picture, my favorite from the night, was when Jay told everyone in the crowd to "get a light up, whatever you got, a phone whatever, let's light this place up," while singing Forever Young with his wife. That moment of happiness and realness is one I can never forget.

-xoxo clb

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