Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My "The Great Gatsby" Sweet Sixteen!

Hey y'all! As you may know, on Wednesday, July 16 I celebrated my sweet sixteenth birthday. Where has time gone? I had an amazing day with my friends and family and enjoyed many a lovely birthday wish.

Three days later, I got together with some of my closest friends and celebrated Gatsby-style. If you know me, you know I looooooooove anything The Great Gatsby and/or 1920's-era. I've known since March I wanted to have my party this way. However, when I set out for inspiration, I found nothing on a Gatsby party for a sixteen-year-old. Combine my love for the Roaring Twenties, my mom's dance-mom-craftiness, and my sister's baking skills and we had one killer party plan. Check it out and prepare for a long post.


Etsy is a beautiful place when it comes to parties. I knew I wanted to address and mail my invitations for a more personal feel. When I found these download-able invitations on Etsy, I immediately got them, sent in my information, got my file, and headed straight for Kinkos. Everyone loved them and kept them as a neat keepsake.


All black (and gold) everything was the go-to for the whole party. We found balloons, paper lanterns, plastic wear, the whole nine yards all featuring our color scheme.

Being the book-lover I am, I had to incorporate my favorite quotes from Gatsby throughout the decor. I printed them out in 1920s font (downloadable here) onto gold paper from Michael's and put them in inexpensive frames.

With a few gold candies, beads, and candles, we were all set.


By far the most important element of the party on my part. My dress came from an online Amazon boutique and I absolutely love it. It was so Daisy Buchanan and perfect for the party.

My jewels were a bit of a challenge. It was pretty difficult finding jewelry that would match the distinct color of the dress, and we also faced the possibility of having the same pieces as someone else. So what do we do? We DIY of course! We took two different headpieces from Charming Charlie (1, 2), taking one apart and hot glueing it onto the other. Replacing the black elastic with a shimmering muted gold ribbon looked more polished and blended with my blonde hair. The whole project made for a really unique style and we did the same on matching earrings to complete the look.

Easy silver heels and a champagne-colored clutch pulled my whole outfit together and put me back in the 1920s. I curled my hair with my curling wand and pouf-ed it up to make it look a little shorter to fit the style of the flapper era. For makeup I used my Stila Waterproof Shadow in Kitten as a base and the darkest shade in my Naked palette (Creep) as a crease/outer-V color. Black winged gel eyeliner, simple falsies, and my favorite mascara completed the eyes. Full coverage foundation in the palest shade, concealer, a little highlight and a little blush was all it took for my face. My go-to red lipstick was perfect for an era where it was essential for any look to have a red lip.

Shew *wipes forehead*


You wouldn't think this would be a hard aspect of the party, but it sure was. We flip-flopped back and forth between having legitimate apps or pizza or junk food, but we eventually decided on the basics. A few bowls of munchies like Chex Mix and chips, a Chick-Fil-A platter (the highlight of the party), and black-and-gold candies were perfect. As opposed to a cake to slice and share, we got a bunch of cupcakes from Sam's Club and decorated them ourselves with gold sprinkles and other things. Along with that we had a small, six-inch cake from Caramanda's for my candles, It was brushed gold with my monogram in black on top. Perfect!

A major aspect of anything 1920s is the champagne. But this is a sweet sixteen, so we stuck to sparkling white grape juice in time-appropriate plastic coupes. Stacked in a pyramid just as they are in Gatsby's mansion, everyone enjoyed and kept coming back for more.

And so the party began...

All my friends showed up in their best flapper dresses and nice suits. So much glitter, so much fringe, but isn't that what the 1920's was about?

Picking an Instagram filter, so very twenties

My dad's pretty cool

Aaaaand sometimes you get a virtual birthday serenade from the acoUstiKats

All in all I had such an amazing time at my party. Being there with all my closest friends was so great  and we had a blast pretending that, for one night, we were just maybe the rich socialites you'd find at one of Gatsby's parties. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and who made my night spectacular!

-xoxo clb


  1. I know I was there so I already saw everything but this is adorable

    1. Thanks! So glad you were there to share this with me

  2. Looks like SO much fun! I love the acoUstiKats! They were my favorites on The Sing Off a while back haha.. I love the Gatsby themed party, and your cake is beautiful! Well.. Everything was! Especially your dress... ahh.. I love!

    Cathleen ~ www.classycathleen.blogspot.com

    1. Ah Cathleen you are too sweet! I'm good friends with a bunch of the acoUstiKats so my gift from them was perfect. The cake was so good and I can only hope I'll have another chance to wear that dress. Love your blog pretty girl!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Great Gatsby is such a cool party theme, and you look so pretty!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy belated Birthday Courtney!!!!!!!!!