Monday, July 14, 2014

Orlando Wrap Up

I promise I'm alive guys.

Orlando was such a fun experience, and I wish I had had more time to give you guys more frequent updates. Alas, I was in fact there for dance, and that had to be my focus. But I am finally back to my old Kentucky home and ready to give y'all the scoop on my ten days in Orlando.

The annual first-night welcome party was a blast with some of my closest friends. Our studio traditionally wears Lilly and we stay up late meeting other dancers and letting loose before the competition begins.

Minus the actual competition, a big reason we were there was to support our title holders. The Dance Masters of America organization has many chapters nationwide, and we had two people from our studio holding chapter titles. They come to DMA to compete for national titles against other kids from across America. One of my best friends, Presley, was up for Teen Miss Dance of America and came in fourth, an amazing achievement that we're all so proud of her for.

The following night was the Miss/Mister competition where one of my favorite master class teachers, Kurtis Sprung, won Mr. Dance of America!

Amid all the parties and title competitions, we were there to compete. Here's some backstage shots from the competition!

In the end, my studio had 23 numbers get into the semifinals, four of which I was in. What?!?! Even better, DESOD won the Grand National Championship with one of the dances our older girls compete. I'm so proud to be a part of this big family of dancers. We all love and support each other and big competitions like these show us all just how close we are. Here's to many more!

-xoxo clb

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