Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ohhhhh C-A-T-S!

Football season is finally here! I live for SEC and UK football during the fall and go to every game possible. Our season tickets get me through the steamy Augusts and the freezing Novembers, no matter how good or bad my team is. The atmosphere of Commonwealth Stadium is something I look forward to every year with my friends and family. And it is finally upon us.

If you live in the South you know how big football is. The rivalries, the traditions, the tailgates. SEC football is go big or go home, and my family is no exception. We tailgate every home game possible and dress in our blue-and-white best. Missing a game is a major ordeal and winning one even bigger.

Last year's UK vs UofL Game
And while basketball may be our #1 in the Big Blue Nation, watching the few games we win is the best feeling. Playing big name SEC teams is so much fun, traveling to great places like Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge. We may not win, but a great game is all we can ask for.

Why am I talking about this? One of my favorite parts of UK football is dressing for the games. So for this year's football season, every few weeks I'll be showing you my favorite blue-and-white outfits in a series called Game Day. I'm so excited to show you some of my top picks perfect for football weather. The first one will be in about two weeks showing my outfits for our first game against UT Martin and Ohio U. Prepare for boots, blue dresses, and a whole lot of UK blue. Our first game is this Saturday and I can already hear ittttt's FOOTBALL TIME IN THE BLUEGRASS!

-xoxo clb

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How I Organize My Lilly Agenda

I will admit it, I am not the most organized person. But I do strive to be, and I have a few little tips here and there that help me along the way. With school starting soon or already started in my case, we all need to be as organized as we can to help us stay on top of all our schoolwork. Today I'm going to show you how I organize my beloved Lilly Pulitzer agenda for school, extracurriculars, and everything in-between.

One of my biggest lifesavers is using different colored pens for my each of my classes. I use the Papermate Inkjoy 300 RT Pens that come in a huge variety of colors, using a different one for each of my classes and then for after-school events. It helps me, a visual learner, associate the color with the class and remember the assignment better. If you're curious, my system is:

Now my breakdown of how I use the different aspects of the agenda. I don't really use the opening month pages seeing as they all come up again at their respective month. On Dates to Celebrate, I add my friend's birthdays by putting the number under their month.

In my notes section I have my schedule, a few motivators, and a running lists of post inspiration. Then comes the actual month sections. On this I write in important due dates, test days, days off of school, major dance events, birthdays, and of course the UK Football Schedule. I keep this color-coded but use fun colors that relate to events also, like yellow (our color) for dance or blue for football. Then I use my system for school-related dates. In the to-do column I put not just to-do's but my schedule that stays the same every week like my dance practices and voice lessons.

"Bae" is my friend Meredith

Then my regular pages. I list all my assignments, color coding them, by class. I put my after-school activities on the bottom line and all day events on the top. I list my blog posts of the day in the margins so I'll know what's coming up on the blog soon.

On the weekends and days off I list events like football games and dance rehearsals by time.

And that's it! Everyone has their own system, but I find that mine helps me the most. Do you have any tips for organizing your agenda? Let me know below!

-xoxo clb

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Liebster Award Tag

I have gotten nominated by soooo many people to do the Liebster Award; kTm, tAf, and Stephanie just to name a few. I'm finally getting around to it, so let's get started!

So here's how the Liebster Award works:
  1. Post 11 facts about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you, and then create an eleven-question set for the next group of nominees
  3. Choose a few people to nominate and link them in the post
  4. Let your nominees know they've been tagged - and no tag-backs!
  5. Nominate blogs under 200 followers

First off, my eleven facts
  1. I am a total Broadway/Musical Theatre nerd.
  2. My favorite color is Tiffany Blue.
  3. I've had three dogs in my lifetime and legitimately don't understand how someone can be a cat person.
  4. I like to think that I was Blair Waldorf in another life.
  5. Dance is my life and this year will be my eighth competitive season.
  6. I love Italian food.
  7. I recently got my driver's permit and I'm an awful driver.
  8. Autumn is my favorite season.
  9. When I'm not on Pinterest, Buzzfeed is my online addiction.
  10. I hate having more than 100-150 pictures on my phone at one time, I put them all on my computer.
  11. I'm naturally blonde (just not this blonde) and wouldn't have it any other way. Elle Woods is my spirit animal.
I'm answering the questions from kTm at Pick Your Beau since she was the most recent person to nominate me!
  1. If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? I would be a peacock. I love their vibrant, flashy colors and how they always strut their stuff.
  2. What's your favorite kind of drink? Oh goodness. I live off of Snapple Diet Peach tea but I always have detox/fruit-infused water in my Camelbak.
  3. How do you relax? I like to relax by taking a hot bubble bath with either a book or some of my favorite music.
  4. How often do you paint your nails? Not as often as I should! I love having painted nails and need to do it more often!
  5. What's the best piece of advice you could give someone? My dad has always told me to "act like you've been there before" and I think it's a very valuable piece of advice. Whether it's the cute boy texting you first or getting a lead role in a show, keep your cool and act like you've been there before.
  6. What's your favorite thing to order at Starbucks? Venti Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, no berries.
  7. How would you describe your relationship with your BFF? My BFF, Meredith, is basically my second sister. We've danced together for almost a decade and I know I can go to her anytime for anything. 
  8. Are you a early bird or a night owl? Definitely a night owl.
  9. Who is your biggest girl crush? BEYONCÉ. BEYONCÉ. NO QUESTION.
  10. What's your favorite show to binge watch? I really want to rewatch Gossip Girl, but right now I love me some Dance Moms.
  11. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I had a passion for fashion and loved to write. I wanted to share that with anyone who wanted to see it.
My questions for my nominees!
  1. What's your favorite vacation spot?
  2. Who is your favorite blogger?
  3. What's your go-to piece of jewelry?
  4. What's your favorite season?
  5. What's your favorite quote?
  6. Who is your favorite designer?
  7. You inherit 5 million dollars the same day aliens land on the earth and say they're going to blow it up in 2 days. What do you do? (And name the movie if you can!)
  8. What's your favorite perfume?
  9. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
  10. What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
  11. (I'll steal one of the questions I answered) Why did you start blogging?
And now my nominees!
  1. Justina from COAF
  2. Cathleen from Classy Cathleen
  3. Lauren from Petite in Pearls
  4. Lauren from Lauren Rose Prep
  5. And you! Whoever wants to do this tag should do it, it's really fun!
-xoxo clb

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stream of Consciousness

Hey guys! Today is the first Monday of my school year, and all the Diet Peach Snapple in the world can't take away that lull. So on this rainy Monday I'm just going to go on a bit of a stream of consciousness, because I do not have the energy to come up with a cute new post for you.

First off, today begins the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! I did my damage this morning and got the Murfee Scarf in Mai Tai and the Compact Mirror in Lush Green Cougar Bar. The Murfees are one of the best deals of the sale at $29 from their normal $118, an insane 76% discount. Some of their coveted dresses are on major sale too, here are some of my favorites (or here for my mobile readers).

In other news, I finally got a monogrammed necklace! I've wanted one for yeeeaaaaarrsss and I finally got mine as a late birthday present! I'm obsessed and I'll probably wear it any chance I get. The font is really neat and the gold will go with the majority if not all of my wardrobe.

You guys, this is my fiftieth post here on BHMM. That's insane. I've loved every post here and I can't wait for the next fifty. Do you guys like these little streams of consciousness into what's happening in my life? Should I do more posts like this? Let me know below!

-xoxo clb

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sophomore Year Goals

My freshman year of high school was a roller coaster of work and friends and learning about myself. It got me situated at a great school and got me excited for my next three years there. Now I'm three days into my sophomore year and I'm so excited to see what it'll bring. Today I'm going to be sharing my five biggest goals for this year with y'all. Let's dive in.

1. Stay Organized

I tend to be pretty organized, but I can get out of it really fast. My room is constantly messy and my desktop always full of files without a home. This year I want to keep my Lilly agenda in check and pick up my room the minute it starts to get out of hand. I will strive to use my calendar to stay aware of important dates and use Evernote to keep all my notes together. Organization will be key to having a successful year.

2. Take Pride in Myself

Everyone needs a lazy day now and then, but I take far too many. Caring more about myself boosts my confidence, and by keeping this up throughout the year, who knows what could happen. I want to dress my best every day, really try on my makeup, stop accepting my hair when it doesn't look its best. Doing this will help me be more confident in myself and prepare me for job interviews, college visits, etc.

3. Build Stronger Relationships

They say high school is where you form some of your strongest friendships and meet people who will influence your lives greatly. During my sophomore year I want to make new friends, form bonds with teachers, connect with the people who will make the most difference in my life. After this year I only have two years left, and making these relationships stronger will help make those rough years just a little bit smoother.

4. Learn from last year's mistakes

I will give myself a little credit, I took some hard classes last year. But that shouldn't give me an excuse. I didn't work my hardest and, while I still did pretty well, my grades suffered. This year I will strive to work my hardest and not let anything get in my way of doing my best.

5. Live More in the Moment

Y'all know I love me some Instagram...and Twitter...and Pinterest. But sometimes I feel that I spend more time picking my filters than enjoying the party. I want to live in the moments that I'll remember for years. In ten years, no one's gonna remember how many likes that picture got, they're going to remember the late nights with friends, the concert they saw, the memories made by living in the moment with the people we love.

A bit of a wordier post today, but it feels good. Now that my goals are written down (and shared for all of you to see), I know I'll be better about keeping them. Sophomore year, let's do this.

-xoxo clb

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First day of Sophomore Year OOTD

Has my sophomore year of high school already started? Summer flew by far too fast but I'm so excited to start back. I love school time and fall in general. This outfit for my first day of school stayed summer-y but tied in some fall pieces better suited for the school year.

Lilly Pulitzer Top // American Eagle Jeans
Jack Rogers // Fossil Watch

I am in love with this Lilly Pulitzer top from their Resort 365 collection. It's so versatile and I know I'll be wearing it (paired with a jacket of course) a lot this fall. Classic white jeans gave a clean look with my go-to Jacks. For jewelry I stuck with my favorite gold watch and white-tone pearls. This outfit is perfect for a first day back but is also reminiscent of summer. 

My sister, Avery, wanted to get in on all the blogging action this week! And we match, so even better. She started fourth grade today at a brand new school and I'm so proud of her.

"Skirt from Old Navy, both tops are from Justice, Shoes are vans but they're from Journey's, Hair in a half-up/half-down made by Sweet Heart Kiddo [one of our friend's brand]. Treble clef necklace and little mini heart 'pearl' earrings." So cute...

I'm so excited to start my sophomore year of high school. New classes, new friends, a whole new year. As F. Scott says, "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

-xoxo clb

Monday, August 11, 2014

Out with the old...

Big things are happening! First off, happy six months guys! I wrote my first post on February 10, exactly six months ago yesterday. It's been so much fun networking with other bloggers and meeting girls who share all my interests. In honor of this milestone, a lot is changing here on BHMM.

As you can probably see, Behind Her Monogrammed Macbook got a major facelift today and I love it. A brand new color scheme, a cleaner layout, it looks so great. I hinted at this back in my "Wear (Navy and) Pink..." post in May, but it's finally become a reality. The new logo is super cute and I love the gold-spotted background. Not to mention I did this all myself *hair flip*.

Another big thing, I've upgraded to a full domain! I've wanted to do this for a while and finally took the time to sit down and set it up. I love how neat it looks and don't worry, all my links and posts with the will redirect back here.

And my final order of business, I have gone "public" with my blog. I struggled for the longest time to decide whether or not to utilize my personal Instagram and Twitter for my blog, but after some thought and some help from one of my favorites, Meredith, I did it. In her words, "My blog is completely who I am and I think my twitter and Instagram reflect that as well," and I think that holds true in my case. So if you are new and coming here from one of my social media platforms, hello friend! Welcome to my blog. I've been here for a few months and I think I've found my footing. I post around 3x a week about everything from fashion to school to my daily life, whatever I'm feeling that day. Come along for the ride, it's gonna be a good one.

As far as design, I'll be adding new things gradually over time. I feel so great about where BHMM is right now and I cannot wait for what the future holds. Thanks to everyone who's been here the last six months and to everyone new joining me; I love all of you guys. Here's to six more months.

-xoxo clb

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lazy Girl Heatless Hair

With school just around the corner, we all know how much time and effort it takes to heat-style our hair, not to mention the heat damage from those tools. I have naturally big, wavy hair to the point where I have to either use heat or attempt to figure out what looks like a simple up-do usually from Pinterest but always ends up being insanely complicated. Today I'm going to show you three of my go-to hairstyles that are super easy to replicate. And side note: I did this post with no-makeup and in my favorite sweatshirt. This is me on an average day and I thought I'd show you that, also going hand-in-hand with the lazy theme of this post.

1. Simple Messy Bun

The best part of this hairstyle: no pins involved. As a dancer I’m used to constantly having a bun in my hair, so this one is pretty easy for me. Take your hair and put it into a middle ponytail. Here you can chose whether or not to secure the pony with a ponytail holder, but I chose not to. Twist it loosely and begin to wrap around your base. Secure the bun with a ponytail holder and you’re good to go.

2. Dutch Braid

My hair looks ombré? It's not loves, blonde all
the way.
Whenever I’m having a bad hair day, a braid is always my go to. I learned how to do this Dutch braid a few months ago and I wear it all the time. A great tutorial here shows you how to get this braid, which is basically an inside-out French braid.

3. French Twist

Y’all know I love a good French twist. They’re classy and sophisticated, but not half as hard as you probably think. By following my pencil tutorial and securing with a few pins, you’re good to go. So very Audrey.

These hairstyles are so easy to recreate and are all styles I wear all the time. Let me know below if you try any of them and how they turn out!

-xoxo clb

Oh and PS? How cute are my "photographers" today?!

Monday, August 4, 2014

July Favorites

July has sadly come to a close. The whole month went by so fast but was filled with amazing events almost every day. School is just around the corner and, while I have enjoyed every minute of summer,  I'm so excited to begin my sophomore year. So let's dive right in to my favorites for the month of July.

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Lilly Pulitzer croakies

I’ve always been a wayfarer type-of-girl and I had been wanting a nice pair for quite some time. When my grandmother offered to get me a pair for my birthday, I graciously accepted. I picked out the tortoise Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers with Crystal Brown lenses. I absolutely love them and the tortoise color makes them super versatile to be worn with any outfit. My new Lilly Pulitzer croakies in Elephant Ears add a perfect summery touch and is perfect for a girl like me who would rather have her glasses around her neck than on her head once the sun goes down.

2. Lilly Pulitzer Fall Collection: #Resort365

Fall collections from any brand always make me so happy, and Lilly does not disappoint (as always). Featuring adorable new prints with colors better suited for fall and items more appropriate for those of us who will be facing the colder weather, the whole line is so cute and I can’t wait to see it in store. There's so many options, it'll be hard to pick just one. On the other hand, why just pick one?

3. Daily Ab Workout App

As a dancer, one of my strongest assets has to be my core. However, fitting in a full ab workout into my daily routine can be difficult. My ballet teacher recommended this app to me and I am obsessed. It lets you customize your workout with 5-, 8-, and 10-minute options and is so easy to use. I absolutely love having this on the go whether I’m at the gym or the dance studio. It even tells you what to do over your music and applauds when you finish! This app leaves my core on fire and is great for a busy girl on the go.

4. Kacy Catanzaro on American Ninja Warrior

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this.

American Ninja Warrior has been one of my favorite shows as long as it’s been on, but this season is special. Kacy Catanzaro, former Division 1 gymnast, has become the first woman to: a) conquer the warped wall, b) complete the qualifying course, c) attempt the finals course, and d) COMPLETE the finals course. Standing only 5 feet tall, she’s a powerhouse in a tiny body and I can’t wait to watch her in the Vegas finals.

5. “Happy Little Pill” by Troye Sivan

I’m always on the hunt for new music, and when one of my favorite YouTubers, Troye Sivan, announced his EP “TRXYE”, I preordered immediately. The first single “Happy Little Pill” is such a fun song; it’s one of those that make you want to drive with the windows down with all your friends in tow. Preorder TRXYE here!

6. “Heathers”

Movies-made-musicals are always a risk, and most of them flop, but “Heathers” is a hit. I fell in love with the music of the new Off-Broadway show, and I had to watch the movie. I’m a little obsessed. My friends have caught me saying “What’s your damage?” in regular conversation and I’ve had “Candy Store” on repeat for about two weeks. It’s a classic dark comedy and is so eighties. How very.

7. Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé Kiss

I have such an awful habit of licking my lips when they’re dry, only drying them more. With this lip balm in my bag, I’m having the same problem but only because of how good it tastes and smells! This ultra-hydrating balm is so rich and heals lips almost instantly. It tastes like candy but keeps a sheer finish unlike similar products. I’m not looking forward to hitting pan on this one, but the $2.50 price tag should help.

8. Vitamin Water Zero Drops

Anyone who dances with me can tell you that I am never seen without my whale’d out Camelbak in tow. I drink so much water, but I tend to get bored and need some flavor. Vitamin Water’s new drops are so convenient to throw in my dance bag to squirt in my bottle after filling it up at the water fountain. Not to mention they have all the same benefits as regular Vitamin Water Zero (aka life). They come in many flavors but my favorite is the XXX Açai-Blueberry Pomegranate.

9. New Stationery

With a recent birthday and other major events, I’ve been doing a lot of thank-you-letter writing. My mom has said since I was little that every good Southern lady should have good stationery and should write (not type) proper thank you notes. I grew up always having some generic cards on hand, but I thought it was time for some “big girl” stationery. These correspondence cards from American Stationery are perfect with my monogram and a French blue border. I’ve already used a few and love the feeling of sending a handwritten notes to people who deserve it.

10. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

I did it. I caved. And I’m obsessed. I don’t even watch any Kardashian-related shows but I find myself playing this game all the time. As ridiculous as it is, this game is pretty fun. Attending events and doing photoshoots is a fun little break from reality, complete with the occasional run in with Kim herself.

Sorry this month’s favorites is a little belated, but I’ve got a ton of stuff coming your way very soon. Stay tuned!

-xoxo clb