Friday, August 8, 2014

Lazy Girl Heatless Hair

With school just around the corner, we all know how much time and effort it takes to heat-style our hair, not to mention the heat damage from those tools. I have naturally big, wavy hair to the point where I have to either use heat or attempt to figure out what looks like a simple up-do usually from Pinterest but always ends up being insanely complicated. Today I'm going to show you three of my go-to hairstyles that are super easy to replicate. And side note: I did this post with no-makeup and in my favorite sweatshirt. This is me on an average day and I thought I'd show you that, also going hand-in-hand with the lazy theme of this post.

1. Simple Messy Bun

The best part of this hairstyle: no pins involved. As a dancer I’m used to constantly having a bun in my hair, so this one is pretty easy for me. Take your hair and put it into a middle ponytail. Here you can chose whether or not to secure the pony with a ponytail holder, but I chose not to. Twist it loosely and begin to wrap around your base. Secure the bun with a ponytail holder and you’re good to go.

2. Dutch Braid

My hair looks ombré? It's not loves, blonde all
the way.
Whenever I’m having a bad hair day, a braid is always my go to. I learned how to do this Dutch braid a few months ago and I wear it all the time. A great tutorial here shows you how to get this braid, which is basically an inside-out French braid.

3. French Twist

Y’all know I love a good French twist. They’re classy and sophisticated, but not half as hard as you probably think. By following my pencil tutorial and securing with a few pins, you’re good to go. So very Audrey.

These hairstyles are so easy to recreate and are all styles I wear all the time. Let me know below if you try any of them and how they turn out!

-xoxo clb

Oh and PS? How cute are my "photographers" today?!


  1. I wish I could do a dutch braid! And you're little "photographers" are absolutely adorable :)

    I also nominated you for a Leibster award!! You can see it here

    Pick Your Beau

    1. Thank you so much, they were so sweet! And thank you so much! I'll be doing the Liebster very soon

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