Friday, August 15, 2014

Sophomore Year Goals

My freshman year of high school was a roller coaster of work and friends and learning about myself. It got me situated at a great school and got me excited for my next three years there. Now I'm three days into my sophomore year and I'm so excited to see what it'll bring. Today I'm going to be sharing my five biggest goals for this year with y'all. Let's dive in.

1. Stay Organized

I tend to be pretty organized, but I can get out of it really fast. My room is constantly messy and my desktop always full of files without a home. This year I want to keep my Lilly agenda in check and pick up my room the minute it starts to get out of hand. I will strive to use my calendar to stay aware of important dates and use Evernote to keep all my notes together. Organization will be key to having a successful year.

2. Take Pride in Myself

Everyone needs a lazy day now and then, but I take far too many. Caring more about myself boosts my confidence, and by keeping this up throughout the year, who knows what could happen. I want to dress my best every day, really try on my makeup, stop accepting my hair when it doesn't look its best. Doing this will help me be more confident in myself and prepare me for job interviews, college visits, etc.

3. Build Stronger Relationships

They say high school is where you form some of your strongest friendships and meet people who will influence your lives greatly. During my sophomore year I want to make new friends, form bonds with teachers, connect with the people who will make the most difference in my life. After this year I only have two years left, and making these relationships stronger will help make those rough years just a little bit smoother.

4. Learn from last year's mistakes

I will give myself a little credit, I took some hard classes last year. But that shouldn't give me an excuse. I didn't work my hardest and, while I still did pretty well, my grades suffered. This year I will strive to work my hardest and not let anything get in my way of doing my best.

5. Live More in the Moment

Y'all know I love me some Instagram...and Twitter...and Pinterest. But sometimes I feel that I spend more time picking my filters than enjoying the party. I want to live in the moments that I'll remember for years. In ten years, no one's gonna remember how many likes that picture got, they're going to remember the late nights with friends, the concert they saw, the memories made by living in the moment with the people we love.

A bit of a wordier post today, but it feels good. Now that my goals are written down (and shared for all of you to see), I know I'll be better about keeping them. Sophomore year, let's do this.

-xoxo clb