Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Amy Ruth Designs and GIVEAWAY

If you were to come into my room on any given day, you would find notebooks, folders, and all kinds of stationery. I have a problem, so when this surprise box came for me from one of my favorite stationery companies, Amy Ruth Designs, I was so excited. Today I'm unboxing it for you guys, and stay tuned until the end for a giveaway!

My first goodies were two School Notebooks, one in Circle Flower and the other in Daisy Paisley. They're the perfect size and have super durable covers, perfect for a girl like me who's constantly on the go. I use the Daisy Paisley for school-related notes and assignments and Circle Flower for brainstorming and planning out posts here on BHMM.

I then had four folders in different prints: Anchors Away, Circle Flower, Daisy Paisley, and Sailboats. These are made of great material and not the paper kind you'd find at Target. The prints are so cute and will definitely help keep me organized with blog stuff, school papers, college info (I'm a sophomore, why is this already happening?) and everything else.

Next I had some page flags in five different prints. I've already used some of these for my school textbooks, keeping two sets in my backpack, and keeping the rest at home on my desk to be used whenever. They're so convenient and the different prints keep me organized as far as homework, notes, etc.

One of the things I was most excited about was the variety pack of little gift cards/tags. I love using little cards like these for smaller gifts and putting little messages for my friends on there. With many birthdays coming up and Christmas right around the corner I know I'll be using these.

The last thing I got was this super cute iPhone case! Unfortunately, I am the proud owner of an iPhone 4-soon-to-be-6 and this case fits a 5 or 5s, as shown on my mom's phone in these pictures. My solution? I'm giving it away to y'all, my lovely readers! You can enter below to win this super cute case and I will pick a winner in two weeks.

Amy Ruth Designs iPhone 5/5s Giveaway

Good luck to anyone entering the giveaway and thanks a bunch to Amy Ruth Designs! All the products will be put to very good use and I know I'll be coming back for more.

-xoxo clb
This post is sponsored by Amy Ruth Designs. All opinions are my own

Monday, September 22, 2014

Justina's Birthday Brunch + Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere

So y'all have probably heard me talk about Justina by now, whether it's on here, on Twitter, or on Instagram. She's been like my sister since fourth grade and I love her to death. This past weekend was her birthday and we had such a great time roaming around downtown and taking pictures.

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We started off the day at Saul Good, one of our favorite restaurants. I ordered my go-to Chicken and Waffles (TRY IT!) and we all shared a Half-Baked Cookie Sundae. After taking tons of pictures, we went and strolled around some of our favorite downtown spots.
First, Triangle Park

Dress: Forever 21 (For $10.80, what?!) // Boots: Justin Boots
Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Purse: Coach // Lipstick: MAC
Watch: Michael Kors (similar) // Ring: Kate Spade

And then to our second home, the Lexington Opera House, with San Pellegrino in tow

Caught off guard by our photographer of the day, my friend Katherine
I love every bit of this outfit. The dress has such a neat print and was a total steal from Forever 21. I got to wear my favorite cowboy boots for the first time all year and I was more than excited. A rose gold watch and bangles with pearl earrings was the perfect amount of jewelry, along with my Ray-Bans and fall purse to accessorize. The hair gods blessed me with great curls from my Hot Tools curling wand and they held for hours afterwards.

In these pictures you can totally see me creeping on Justina's shots as she shoots for her brand new blog! Y'all can go find Justina over on Sunshine in the South where she has her post all about our escapades on her birthday. She's got some big things coming and I can't wait.

A final happy birthday to my girl Justina. Here's to many more downtown brunches pretending to be the little socialites we dream of being and many more years of friendship.

-xoxo clb

Friday, September 19, 2014

Adventure's Out There

If you knew me in real life, you would know how I constantly talk about wanting to get out of small town Lexington and to the Big Apple. Truth be told, I love it here. And this weekend I got to experience a side of KY that I rarely see when I went hiking with my family in Red River Gorge.

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I had never been hiking before, but after hearing so many great things from Cathleen, I was so excited when I came downstairs this previous Sunday morning to hear that we'd be driving out to Red River Gorge to go hike as a family. It's only an hour or so from Lexington and Avery and I had never been before, so we were very excited.

And oh was the excitement worth it. Any Kentuckian can retell about their countless drives through the Appalachians, but being up there, in the mountains, is something crazy. River branches and trees and all kinds of color. It's beautiful. Every turn gives you a different view and something new to see.

The trail we took ended up being four miles. We were all dragging at certain points, especially Avery who is currently in a wrist brace, bless her heart. The hard parts were really hard, but once you get to the top in the open air and you can see for miles, it's one of the best feelings. The air is clean and cool and you know that all the hard climbing was worth it. Being a girl who loves the city, I rarely get out much into the neat places my state has to offer, but I had so much fun being with my family and being out in nature.

If you've never been hiking, I totally recommend it. It sounds strenuous and boring, but the experience is ridiculous. Being up in the mountains away from our phones, just me, my family, and camera. We were separated from the outside world for a few hours, up in the mountains I only really see when I glance up from my bright screen on long car rides. It was something I'll reminisce for a long time. Avery and I are already begging to go again.

-xoxo clb

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I'm Reading Wednesday: How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World

Fact: I have been, am, and always will be a bookworm. I love to read, and haven't done a lot of it in the past year or two. In the last few months I've been making a conscious effort to go back to my old ways, so to keep me reading I've decided to start sharing What I'm Reading posts every few Wednesdays to share some of my favorites with you guys.

This week I'm talking about How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World by Jordan Christy. I heard about it from other bloggers for a while and this book is basically my new bible. It's exactly what it sounds like, teaching you short lessons on how to be the Audrey we all strive for in an age full of social blunders, crop tops, desperate girls, and ragers.

First of all, the cover art. C'mon. So cute.

How to Be a Hepburn teaches so many different lessons that apply to all areas of life. Some of the different sections include "Keep Your Chin Up and Your Skirt Down", "Words, Words, Words", "Let Him Come Calling", "Dress to Impress", and "Have Your Cake and Eat It Too", just a few of the 10 varying sections on everything from diet and exercise to fashion/makeup to boys. This is the kind of book you pass down to little sisters and "little sisters" and cousins and friends. The kind of book you'll give to your daughter one day as she faces the madness that is high school. I've already quoted its advice to my friends multiple times and even my mom is reminding me of how I should emulate Audrey in everything I do. The lessons are priceless, all of them. But I've pulled a few quotes that I love.

I'm so glad I found this book at my local Joseph-Beth. It's already taught me a few great lessons and I hope to be able to pass it down to Avery one day.

-xoxo clb

Monday, September 15, 2014

Game Day: UTM, OU, and UF

Football is finally here! University of Kentucky has three games in the books and I've watched (either live or on TV) all of them. We're off to a great start this year and I'm so excited for our bigger games.

Y'all know that the farther south you go, the bigger the hair and the fancier the dresses as far as football games. At UK it's pretty big, and you'll see everything from a tee-shirt and norts to a bedazzled blue dress and nude pumps. I like to think that I stay somewhere in the middle, and today I'm showing you my looks for the first 3 UK games.

August 31: UT Martin

Season opener! Meredith and I headed to Commonwealth for an early-morning noon game against University of Tennessee at Martin. The Cats came out with a win and got off on a great foot for this season.

What I Wore: INC Top (similar), AE Jeans, Jack Rogers

September 6: Ohio University

Pro-tip: always be prepared for any weather! A game that had not a cloud in the sky for the first three quarters ended with a downpour. Thank goodness I had brought my (monogrammed) rain jacket into Commonwealth. We actually ended up having a blast watching UK come out with the win while staying somewhat dry.

What I Wore: Marley Lilly rain jacket, Ray Ban sunglasses

September 13: Florida


Our first away game of the season against one of our biggest rivals. While we may not have come out with the win, the Cats played hard against the Florida Gators losing by a touchdown in three overtimes. We had some friends over to watch the game and ended up having a great time on our back porch around the fire pit watching (apologies to our neighbors.)

What I Wore: North Face pullover, Scarf (similar), AE Jeans, Converse sneakers, Ray Ban sunglasses

Next weekend is sadly an off weekend for the Wildcats, but soon after we're back for many more match-ups against the likes of Vanderbilt, South Carolina (I'm looking at you, Cathleen), LSU, all my favorite SEC schools. I'll be back with many more outfits to support Big Blue Nation in the weeks to come.

-xoxo clb