Friday, September 19, 2014

Adventure's Out There

If you knew me in real life, you would know how I constantly talk about wanting to get out of small town Lexington and to the Big Apple. Truth be told, I love it here. And this weekend I got to experience a side of KY that I rarely see when I went hiking with my family in Red River Gorge.

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I had never been hiking before, but after hearing so many great things from Cathleen, I was so excited when I came downstairs this previous Sunday morning to hear that we'd be driving out to Red River Gorge to go hike as a family. It's only an hour or so from Lexington and Avery and I had never been before, so we were very excited.

And oh was the excitement worth it. Any Kentuckian can retell about their countless drives through the Appalachians, but being up there, in the mountains, is something crazy. River branches and trees and all kinds of color. It's beautiful. Every turn gives you a different view and something new to see.

The trail we took ended up being four miles. We were all dragging at certain points, especially Avery who is currently in a wrist brace, bless her heart. The hard parts were really hard, but once you get to the top in the open air and you can see for miles, it's one of the best feelings. The air is clean and cool and you know that all the hard climbing was worth it. Being a girl who loves the city, I rarely get out much into the neat places my state has to offer, but I had so much fun being with my family and being out in nature.

If you've never been hiking, I totally recommend it. It sounds strenuous and boring, but the experience is ridiculous. Being up in the mountains away from our phones, just me, my family, and camera. We were separated from the outside world for a few hours, up in the mountains I only really see when I glance up from my bright screen on long car rides. It was something I'll reminisce for a long time. Avery and I are already begging to go again.

-xoxo clb


  1. LOVED seeing your pictures! I'm so glad you had a great first experience hiking:) It really is great to be away from screens, and to just be out there with family and the mountains! Let me know when you go again!!