Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Favorites

August is over. Huh? How? I blinked and it's the end of the last month of summer. So much happened, with school and dance starting along with tons of stuff along the way. September and fall are just around the corner and I can't wait.

1. L.L. Bean Deluxe Backpack

I’ve had L.L. Bean backpacks off and on for years, and I have found nothing that compares. These backpacks hold up better than any other. They’re waterproof to protect your things while you wait in the sudden torrential downpour for your twenty-minutes-late bus (all too real). The pockets hold any and everything and keep it all organized. Mine is yet to be monogrammed but very very soon.

2. On-The-Go Wristlets

August has brought with it football games, errands, weekend brunch runs, driving lessons, and many other events when I don’t want to carry my ginormous suitcase purse. Small, casual wristlets are just big enough for my phone, permit, and some money while staying casual unlike leather/nicer wristlets. Mine from Lilly Pulitzer, which is no longer made in this print, is my go to, and can be found in other prints here!


Did I have the single Happy Little Pill on my favorites last month? Yep. Has the completely amazing album come out since then and have I been listening to it non-stop? Double yep. Troye Sivan’s debut album TRXYE came out on August 15, and…


All the tracks are so great, each with its own vibe and concept making them all a little different. I would definitely recommend getting this now, because Troye's career is getting ready to take off.

4. MAKE UP FOR EVER  Smoky Extravagant Mascara

Okay so technically I got this last month, but with school I've been using it like crazy. I got this in my Sephora birthday gift and I'm obsessed. It makes my lashes look super long and thick and, while it looks better with it, doesn't need curling. I've never tried MAKE UP FOR EVER products, but if this mascara is a sign of the brand as a whole, I will be getting more.

5. Murphy's Camera

If you're a Canon kind of girl like me you'll know that any little mishap could cost you big time. When I accidentally messed up my Rebel T3, I immediately went to Murphy's looking for an estimate on how much this would be. Guys. They fixed it for free. And in no time. My baby is as good as new and I didn't have to pay a dime. The people there were so nice and completely understanding of my little blonde mistake. Definitely will be returning for any of my camera needs.

6. Beyoncé on the VMA's

Y'all. Did you see this? You already know that BeyoncĂ© is my queen, so I stayed up way late watching all the craziness of the VMA's to see her performance. Her medley of the entire album was perfection, not to mention her dancing, theatrics, adorable family, and much more. Watch it here.

7. Francesca's Earrings

You guys know that when in doubt, I pearl it out. But when I'm looking for a change and a little more color, I go straight to these. I love jewel tones and these in a deep teal are perfect. I can wear these with a neutral white or gray but love pairing them with colors link hot pink and purple. Find a similar pair here.

8. Audrey 100

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw that my mom got me two really neat used books, this being one of them. This rare book of pictures of the one and only Audrey Hepburn is so gorgeous, featuring photos of her I've never even seen. This book is so beautiful and is something I know I'll have with me for a very long time.

9. Monogrammed Necklace

You guys saw in my Stream of Consciousness post that I finally got a monogrammed necklace, and I'm obsessed. I've worn it almost every day and have found it goes with almost anything from a tee shirt and norts to a nice dress. I wear a ton of gold regularly and this is the perfect addition.

10. Twishtail

Does anyone else read TBD (The Beauty Department) religiously? Because I do. And when they posted their recent summer hair idea, the Twishtail, I was obsessed. I wear fishtails all the time whether it’s casual or dressed up, so this is such a great option. It’s super easy and keeps hair out of your face. Check it out here!

Guys. IT'S ALMOST FALL! Fall is my favorite season with warm drinks and fall style. Football and Keeneland are back soon and before we know it we'll have Halloween and Thanksgiving. But for now I'm happy relishing the last few moments of summer.

-xoxo clb

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