Monday, October 27, 2014

Rainy Octobers

Here in Lexington, it's been non-stop raining for the majority of this month. I've had a pullover and umbrella in tow almost everywhere I've gone during this dreary October. So when little miss Avery got a package from Marley Lilly the other day, we had to make the most of it.

 On Avery: Marley Lilly New England Rain Jacket, Lilly Pulitzer Umbrella, Old Navy Leggings, Converse
On Me: Marley Lilly Pullover Rain Jacket, Lilly Pulitzer Umbrella, 90° by Reflex Leggings, L.L. Bean Boots, J. Crew Socks

First of all, how cute is Avery is this women's XS raincoat? It's practically a dress on her but it's precious with a cute pair of leggings and her lilac converse. I've loved my Marley Lilly jacket since I got it about a year ago and have worn it more times than I can count. Some plain black leggings tucked into some anchor-printed socks and my trusty L.L. Bean Boots finished off the casual, rainy day look. We both looove our Lilly Pulitzer umbrellas in our favorite prints (Lucky Charms for me and Chin Chin for her) and use them all the time when walking to and from bus stops and rehearsals and more.

I absolutely love doing these shoots with Avery. We have so much fun together and she loves being on here. She was in my first day of school post and will be in many more to come. 

(This post is not sponsored by Marley Lilly, the Brewer house just really likes their stuff)

-xoxo clb

Saturday, October 18, 2014

And the winner is...

So many people entered to win an iPhone 5/5s case brought to y'all by Amy Ruth Designs. It's so cute and I'm very jealous of the lucky lady who will be getting this case.

**Disclaimer: I used Gleam to pick my winner, and yes some of my personal friends did enter. The winner was completely random and I had no input on who was picked.**

Congrats Lindsey! I'll be contacting you soon with information on how to get your case! I hope to bring y'all more giveaways soon, it was so fun to see your response to this one.

-xoxo clb

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sadie Hawkins Dance (In My Khaki Pants)

Please tell me someone besides my school friends got the title reference.

I'm back! I took a short little "hiatus" from blogging just to focus on school things, my number one priority. My apologies for no September Favorites, but hey, it's my blog and I'll do what I want to :)

Today I'm talking about something I've looked forward to for a long time. About a month ago, our school announced that for the first time in years, we would be having a dance, a Sadie Hawkins-style fall formal scheduled for this past Saturday night. And thus chaos ensued. Girls were immediately freaking out over dates and dresses and every tiny detail. But amid it all, we were so excited to get dressed up for one night and have a great time with our friends.

The question everyone wants to know is who did I go with. A danced designed for girls to ask the guys, it just makes sense to have a date whether it be one of your guy friends or someone special. I was all set to go with a good friend, we had coordinated and everything, when he last minute found out he would be out of town the weekend of the dance. By this point all my guy friends were taken, but I didn't let it get me down. Going alone is a neat experience (and a money saver) and I ended up having a great time. It showed me that you don't necessarily have to have a date to have a good time at a dance. Was I disappointed at first? Without a doubt. But I knew it was out of his control and that I'd have a blast with my friends and their dates. And oh did I.

As far as hair and makeup, I was so excited to get all glammed up. The day before I had gotten my nails painted a good neutral that I'm obsessed with thanks to Euphoria Salon and Spa. I used my favorite primer, foundation, and concealer on my face along with my go-to blush and highlighter after my eyes. For the eyes I started with a good base then used my all time favorite palette for color and creasing. A brand new eyeliner winged out and my holy grail mascara finished the look, but not forgetting a classic red lip. For my already curled (from a previous engagement) hair I did a super simple Dutch braid into a pretty side pony. I wrapped a piece around the elastic and I was ready to go.

I spent my time before the dance with a bunch of friends, eating and chatting and watching the Mississippi State game and taking a bunch of pictures. Everyone looked so great and I for one felt amazing in my dress.

All the girls
My friend Sam
Abby {Like this on Instagram}
Abby and Grace 

Dress: Lily Boutique // Shoes: Nine West

The minute I found this dress I knew it would be perfect for Sadie's. The dark turquoise is perfect for fall and the black lace and belt contrast perfectly. I wore sheer black tights and classic pumps for a simple look that would draw more attention to my dress. My jewelry is all from my mama, with black teardrop earrings and a few bangles. Not pictured is my Steve Madden fold over clutch which was actually huge and held all my things and a gorgeous black coat borrowed, again, from my mama.

And then we were off! We got to the dance at the perfect time, when it had just started to get fun. I didn't even recognize our cafeteria, all decked out in lights and with a great DJ complete with fog and party lights. I got to see so many of my friends all dressed up and we had a great time. There was great music (No it wasn't me that requested Partition what are you talking about?) that everyone danced to and for about two hours, we all forgot that on Monday we'd be back in this place eating lunch.

Abby again 
Margaret Lindsey

My night ended spending the night at my good friend Maddie's house, roasting marshmallows and listening to good music with some of my best friends that I hadn't seen in a while.

And that was my Sadie Hawkins night. I had such a great night and loved getting to actually go to a high school dance, something that hasn't happened at my school in a while. The events like this, the dances and games and spirit weeks and all the other stuff, are what make a high school experience so neat. Here's to many more.

-xoxo clb

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Undeniable Report

Oh I'm excited about this one.

Unless you've been living under a blogging-world rock, you'll know that Anna Tselevich of Undeniably Anna started her monthly publication, Undeniable, in May along with a few other bloggers. Well today is the launch of The Undeniable Report! 
Anna, my queen
The Undeniable Report is a monthly publication written by bloggers from all across the US (and Germany? S/O to my girl Eliza) discussing everything from fashion to fitness to the issues girls face today. I have the amazing privilege of being a writer and category leader for UR and I have never been more proud to have my name on something. Everything about it is so well done from the website to the articles themselves. Speaking of the writers, these girls have become my family and our bonds will last for years to come.

So do yourself a favor and go check out, because these girls are slaying the game of blogging and I can't wait for what's to come. Today has been full of "HAPPY LAUNCH OMG I LOVE Y'ALL" messages on our group message and will end in a celebratory Google Hangout with my Undeniab├Žs. Subscribe to Undeniable to see any future articles, including mine soon!

-xoxo clb