Monday, October 27, 2014

Rainy Octobers

Here in Lexington, it's been non-stop raining for the majority of this month. I've had a pullover and umbrella in tow almost everywhere I've gone during this dreary October. So when little miss Avery got a package from Marley Lilly the other day, we had to make the most of it.

 On Avery: Marley Lilly New England Rain Jacket, Lilly Pulitzer Umbrella, Old Navy Leggings, Converse
On Me: Marley Lilly Pullover Rain Jacket, Lilly Pulitzer Umbrella, 90° by Reflex Leggings, L.L. Bean Boots, J. Crew Socks

First of all, how cute is Avery is this women's XS raincoat? It's practically a dress on her but it's precious with a cute pair of leggings and her lilac converse. I've loved my Marley Lilly jacket since I got it about a year ago and have worn it more times than I can count. Some plain black leggings tucked into some anchor-printed socks and my trusty L.L. Bean Boots finished off the casual, rainy day look. We both looove our Lilly Pulitzer umbrellas in our favorite prints (Lucky Charms for me and Chin Chin for her) and use them all the time when walking to and from bus stops and rehearsals and more.

I absolutely love doing these shoots with Avery. We have so much fun together and she loves being on here. She was in my first day of school post and will be in many more to come. 

(This post is not sponsored by Marley Lilly, the Brewer house just really likes their stuff)

-xoxo clb

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