Friday, December 12, 2014

Decorating My Room for Christmas

The Christmas season is officially upon us! My whole family loves decorating for the holidays, from our two Christmas trees to the Pier 1 decorations that scatter our house to the banister my mom did herself, we love Christmastime and all the decorating that comes with it.

Avery and I even get into the spirit in our rooms, and today I'm showing you how I decorate my room for the holiday season.

First off, I have my bedframe wrapped in holiday lights. These are so pretty and I keep them on until the minute I fall asleep.

I stuffed some cute glittery stems into a pretty bottle on my dresser for a little sparkle.

Then I have my mini Christmas tree. It's 4' tall and white/iridescent, fitting into my room theme perfectly. I picked up a whole bunch of little ornaments from Hobby Lobby and stayed up way too late decorating it, and it turned out pretty well in my opinion.

I'm so obsessed with my BHMM ornament c/o Jesi Bowman. She custom-made it with my logo and ribbons in my colors and I absolutely love it! It's so adorable and Jesi did such a great job on it, it will definitely be appearing on my tree for years to come.

All these decorations in my room make it just a little cozier in these cold months, and they make studying and coming home after late night rehearsals just a little sweeter. Christmas is in less than two weeks, and I can't wait.


  1. Great pictures! Your room looks so cozy :)


    1. Thanks so much, all the decorations do make it a little cozier

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