Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Other Side of Me: Snapshots into a Dance Competition

As I've talked about before, the other part of my life that takes major importance is my dance life, and my studio is my second family. This past weekend we traveled to Dayton, OH not only to compete our group dances but for some of our girls to compete for the title of Miss Dance of Ohio, including ya girl CLB!

I left for Dayton early Friday morning, with costumes and Fiji Water in tow. Friday would consist of an orientation for all of the contestants, individual interviews, and group audition classes. For interview I wore this dress with a pair of nude heels and basic gold jewelry, and ended up getting to talk about everything from my passion for musical theatre to BHMM! Classes lasted late that night and I came back to the hotel room and immediately crashed.

Saturday morning after learning our opening number for the "pageant," I got to go watch Avery compete her two group dances. Her group ended up winning first overall for their division! I had three dances to compete over the span of about two hours, so we had lots of down time.

After that, it was time to prepare for the show. I did my makeup, pulled my hair up into a tight French twist, and got dressed for our opening number. The final part of the competition consists of competing our solos, and I was so excited to compete my piece, "Loud" from Matilda the Musical, for the first time.

Then comes the best part of the competition. At the very end, all the contestants come out in their evening gowns. Seeing as it was my first year in the Miss division, I was so excited to wear a gorgeous pink gown by Sherri Hill. Just ask my mom, I was beaming onstage.

Photos courtesy of Take 2!
In the end, I came out of the competition with a runner-up Interview Award and so many great memories. My friend Anna who I watched win Teen Miss Dance of Ohio just two years ago won the title and everyone at my studio is so proud of her.

I had so much fun in Dayton and I'm so excited for this competition season to start!

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