Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ripped Jeans and Emerald Green

Sweater: H&M // Jeans: Express
Booties: Franco Sarto // Necklace: Evereve

Along with your classic maroons and navys, emerald green has become a big color for fall. It goes with just about anything and can be styled tons of different ways. I paired this sweater with my favorite distressed jeans and these caramel booties for a more laid back look along with a double-layer necklace for some bling. This outfit is perfect for date night, a weekend with friends, or even your lazier days when your hair just won't cooperate. A dutch braid is my go-to hairstyle for when I don't have the energy to straighten my naturally wavy hair, and it's so simple. This look requires minimal effort but gives maximum style points.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

SEC Nation in Lexington

This post is adapted from an article of mine over at the PLD Lamplighter, my school newspaper. Be sure to check them out!

As long as I can remember, SEC sports have been a tradition in my house. I've missed only a few home football games since I was three, I'm up at 8AM on Saturdays for pregame coverage and I've stayed up until the early hours of the morning watching overtime games. I'm that girl who, when she says she's going to the UK game this weekend, will be there until the last second of the fourth quarter and not just leave as soon as all the tailgates have winded down. SEC sports, specifically football, are in my blood.

One of my favorite things about gameday is getting up early to watch all pregame coverage on SEC Nation, essentially a Southern version of College Gameday. It features sports radio host Paul Finebaum, former Florida player (and national heartthrob) Tim Tebow, sportscaster Joe Tessitore, former Alabama player Greg McElroy, former LSU player Marcus Spears and reporter Kaylee Hartung. Being the only girl in the crew, I have always admired Kaylee. She is a female in the sports industry who got to go around the South talking about sports and meeting all of the big names of the SEC. Can you say goals?

So imagine my shock when I'm sitting in physics and I get a text from my dad that he is sitting behind Kaylee, my idol, on a flight. Imagine even MORE shock when he gets home that night with her business card in hand, saying that, if I emailed her, I could potentially shadow her when SEC Nation came to Lexington. My emotions were basically some combination of the shocked-The-Scream-painting emoji and the upside down face (, so when it was announced that SEC Nation would be coming to UK for the Tennessee game, I immediately sat down and emailed her. She emailed me back a few days later saying she would love to have me shadow for the game, and I would be able to meet her around nine at Commonwealth Stadium. And so the week of trying to find my chill commenced.

Snapchat: Courtney_Brewer
On Saturday morning Kaylee welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to the team. Tim Tebow was first, who is just as gorgeous in person as he is on TV, and was so nice to me. Marcus Spears, alum of LSU, shook my hand and made me feel the size of a garden gnome. Everyone was so relaxed and carried on regular joking conversation, as if they had no idea the amount of people waiting for them outside and at home.

I sat in the bus with Kaylee and Brooke, as Kaylee furiously typed on a MacBook doing research for one of her segments for the day. She asked me about school, what colleges I was looking at and how I felt about UK's chances up against Tennessee. Then it was time to go out to film live segments. The crowd lost it at the sight of Kaylee, both boys who wanted to date her and girls who wanted to be her. And the craziest thing? She didn't even flinch.

I continued to walk around with her as she filmed different segments, standing to the side as she shot a quarterback feature with Jesse Palmer and Tim and a social segment in the back of the bus. It was all so casual how she moved from piece to piece, all while downing coffee and booking her flight to the next location literally seconds before going on air. It astounded me at first, but then I remembered that this is her normal, traveling around the biggest cities in the south and interviewing the top coaches and players in sports, which to me seems like a dream job.

Aside from initially meeting everyone, I didn't have a lot of what-the-heck-this-is-actually-happening moments throughout the day. Until I stepped on the set for the first time. After sitting in the bus talking for some time, Kaylee put her coat on and said "c'mon, let's go up to the set." She walked up onto the fake-grass set and prompted me to follow, and my heart actually skipped a beat. It can only be defined as surreal, like walking on the field of your favorite team or stepping onto a stage for the first time.

The show came to a sad end at noon as Kaylee frantically gathered her things to make a 2:00 flight. Set pieces started to come down and mics were taken off as the crowd of fans slowly dispersed. We took a quick picture, she hugged me, and told me to email her if I got wind that she would be coming to Lexington during basketball season. And just like that it was over; I jumped into the photo line and tried to wrap my brain around the day I had just had.

The biggest thing I learned from the whole experience is something my dad has told me since I was 13: act like you've been there before. I was rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in sports as they talked on the fly and casually met fans screaming for them, and they did so as if it was nothing. This is their average life and to me that seems like a pretty great job. The whole day made me realize that sportscasting may just be what's in the cards for me, and I have Kaylee Hartung to thank for that.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Best Is Yet To Come: 2015 Breeders' Cup

The minute it was announced that the 2015 Breeders' Cup would be in my beautiful city, I knew I had to go. If you don't know, the Breeders' Cup is considered the World Championship of horse racing and, similar to the Olympics, takes place in a different city every fall. It got its start here in Lexington, founded here in 1982, and over 30 years later it has come back home.

The paddock, decked out in purple
I was a little busy on Saturday (more about that later this week) so I was only able to attend on Friday, but I'm not complaining. The smaller crowd and less frenzy in comparison to Saturday was absolutely perfect, and it definitely didn't feel like there were 44,000 people there.

What started out as a pretty gloomy day eventually gave way to sunny skies that perfectly hit the red and orange leaves of the changing trees. The races themselves were all on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrills to see which horse would come out on top and win the beautiful flower garlands. I've loved the thrill of horse racing ever since I was little, so getting to see some of the best horses in the world race was pretty neat.

A photo posted by Courtney Layne Brewer (@misscourtneylayne) on

Dress: J.Crew // Pearls: J.Crew
Coat: Calvin Klein // Clutch: Kate Spade
Lipstick: Sephora

Getting to spend the day out at the track with my dad was probably the best part of the day. We had so much fun betting on races (ya girl came out with some cash!), doing some major people watching, and just spending the afternoon together. It wasn't too cold and was the epitome of a perfect fall Kentucky day.

The Breeders' Cup made me remember just how much I love Kentucky. When the sun set over a race track full of people celebrating what this state is known for, it was almost magical. People from around the world, people who thought Kentuckians didn't wear shoes and all lived in the sticks saw just what our state has to offer, and that's pretty cool to me.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Stream of Consciousness: The Struggle Is Real

Hey. Remember me? I promise I'm alive y'all. And I feel really bad, I do. I started this blog to put my love of fashion and writing out there, and I've basically abandoned it. My blog, my baby. Something I've put a lot of hard work into and I've basically brushed it aside. And that makes me feel pretty bad.

So, now that my health is on the mend, I've decided to ease myself back in with at least one post a week. Get myself on the flow of writing again and remind myself why I started BHMM in the first place. Whether it's an outfit post or a reflection on something that happened in my life, I'll try my best to put out quality content on a regular basis, and it's just as much for y'all as it is for me.

A photo posted by Courtney Layne Brewer (@misscourtneylayne) on

Okay, moving on to what's been happening in my blogging dry spell. My treatment went soooo well and I'm slowly recovering. There was nothing unexpected and I will repeat the whole process again in six months.

A photo posted by Courtney Layne Brewer (@misscourtneylayne) on

I've been having so much fun over the last month or so getting to know and work with the Ali Cats! Been confused by the cat ears and overuse of the cat emojis on my Twitter? I'm so happy to be a part of The Ali Cats, a group of current high school juniors who represent Ali Ann Photography, a great photographer here in Lexington. We've all become great friends and I can't wait for the fun photoshoots to come with these girls.

A photo posted by Courtney Layne Brewer (@misscourtneylayne) on

That's right y'all, I'm not going to Sadie's alone this year! I asked Hunter to Sadie's in possibly the most CLB way possible, at Keeneland. He of course said yes and I absolutely can't wait for the dance next week.

A photo posted by Courtney Layne Brewer (@misscourtneylayne) on

This past weekend I went to Kentucky Thespian Festival with the drama department and had an absolute blast getting to know kids from around the state who love theatre like I do. The whole event was Clue-themed (like the board game) and we went all out with our costumes for the dance. I learned so much at the event and can't wait for next year.

Thanks for being patient with me as I ease back into things. I really love blogging and I really want to get to an even better place than I was at pre-cancer. But until then, keep up with my Instagram and Twitter to see when I do post OR go check out my school newspaper, PLD Lamplighter, where I am a staff writer and absolutely loving it. Until next time,

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bleeding Blue + A Giveaway with The Mint Julep

Dress: c/o The Mint Julep // Bangles: Bourbon and Boweties, c/o Love Poppy
Watch: Fossil
I'm alive y'all! Sorry for the major hiatus, dealing with medical and schools issues has been my #1 priority. But I'm back today and hopefully for some time with this outfit perfect for football. UK Football has been in full swing and not doing too bad for a few weeks now to mine and everyone else's surprise! When I saw this dress on The Mint Julep recently, I knew I had to get it in all of its UK Blue beauty.

If you haven't heard of The Mint Julep (how?!), it is an adorable online fashion boutique that sells pieces for all styles. They have a huge selection that's always changing, and their new pieces for fall are to die for. Today I'm giving away a $25 e-gift card to The Mint Julep, and I'll be very jealous of whoever wins. Just follow some or all of the steps below and check back in a week (October 11) to see if you won!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Football Time in the Bluegrass

Dress: Express // Boots: Justin Boots
Earrings: c/o Sparkle & Whim // Bracelet: Two Chicks

As of yesterday, football season is officially here! The cats kicked off the season playing Louisiana-Lafayette and they pulled out their first win! This outfit is my go-to for the early games where it's still pretty warm outside, but you still want to pull out the cowboy boots in true Southern fashion.

This dress was calling my name at express and I knew it was perfect for football. I have about a million strapless A-line dresses and this one was perfect to add to my wardrobe. My cowboy boots are my babies and these from Justin Boots are made to last a lifetime. These wire bangles are so in, and this one with Kentucky state quarters is so unique and shows some state pride. An outfit like this is great for football and is a very basic template for how I dress for late summer football games. The cats are 1-0, let's see how well they can keep it up!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Kicking Off Football Season with Lindsay Nichole Designs

Oh my god y'all. Almost ONE WEEK until football! SEC football is possibly definitely my favorite thing about fall and I look forward to it every year. The cats are better than ever this year and with an amazing home schedule, I can't wait to see how they play.

I'm kicking off football season with something very exciting. If you haven't heard of Lindsay Nichole Designs, she is an artist based in Texas who creates and sells the cutest illustrations. I reached out to her recently and I'm obsessed with what she created for me.


I can't. This illustration is based off of one of my favorite football dresses and I can't express how in love with it I am. Lindsay did a perfect job illustrating me (she did my signature hair twist!) and showing my love for Big Blue Nation. She was so fun to work with, and I basically want to buy ALL her prints now.

I've selected a few of my favorite prints to share with y'all that I pretty much need right now. The brunch print is perfect for someone like me who considers brunch the most important meal of the day. I love Paris and all things French, so this Paris icons print is perfect (the London one is adorable too!) Y'all know my love for Louboutins, and this print shows off those iconic red soles along with a poignant Bible verse. I love travel, and I must say the girl in this adorable airplane print looks a little like ya girl CLB. And of course, this ruby print is so cute and features my birthstone!

Lindsay sells so many other cute prints through her Etsy shop and personal shop, and I'm so excited to offer you a discount code. Use the code "BHMM10" for 10% off any LND print through September 6th, please tweet me what you get!

Again, such a big thank you to Lindsay for this AMAZING print, it's perfect for capturing my excitement for the upcoming football season. Ohhhhhhh C-A-T-S!!

This post sponsored in part by Lindsay Nichole Designs

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Boho Vibes

Kimono: Gap // Tee-Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Express // Booties: Macy's
Glasses: Ray-Ban // Necklace and Bracelet: Miss Molly Vintage

I know what you're thinking, this is a different look for CLB. Don't worry, I feel the same. But when I saw this kimono I couldn't resist. I'm in love with distressed jeans right now and pairing it with booties finished the very bohemian vibe that's so in right now. 

I met Emily from Miss Molly Vintage at the Market @ 301 event and fell in love with the unique style of their pieces. These two pieces feature adorable suede tassels that go with so much. The bracelet has a tiny Kentucky state flag on it and I'm actually obsessed. There all kinds of cute pieces for any style at Miss Molly Vintage and I can't wait to show you more in upcoming posts.