Thursday, February 12, 2015

One Year

Major shoutout to my friends Lindsey (shown earlier), Madison,
and Olivia for helping with this shoot!
Tank: J.Crew // Jeans: AE
Booties: Nine West // Earrings: c/o Kendra Scott

On February 12 of 2014, two major things happened in my life. The first: I moved into my current house with a fabulous new room in a great new neighborhood. The second? My very first post on (#tbt) went live, called "I guess I should be cheesy and say hello." I go back now and eye-roll at myself and all my previous posts, but they've all built me up to the girl and blogger I've become one year later. I've made amazing friends, joined groups like The Undeniable Report, and built up a name for myself. People I haven't talked to since middle school have told me they loved my last post, and family members keep up with BHMM on Facebook.  It's been a crazy ride, but I've loved every second of it. Those of you who continuous read, who got me to 10k pageviews then 20k just three months later, are some of the best people, and I'm so greatly for all of you. Here's to another year of more outfits, fun travels, new friends, and more posts coming at you from, of course, behind my monogrammed MacBook.


  1. Congratulations love. Keep doing amazing things!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  2. Yay Court! Can't wait to see more new and fun things to come on BHMM :)

    Cathleen // Classy Cathleen

  3. So happy for you Courtney! I absolutely love your blog and I'm so glad you decided to blog in the first place! These photos were so cute too!

    Xo, Kate //