Friday, February 6, 2015

Update: Amy Ruth Designs

A while back I did a post teaming up with Amy Ruth Designs to show you some of their awesome stationery products. Today I'm bringing that back and collaborating with Cathleen and Carrie to show you how we've put our products to use.

My two notebooks are filled, literally, and have been used in my note-heavy classes throughout the end of last year and the beginning of this semester. I've been meaning to order more, since I love the adorable designs and the layout of the notebooks.

My four folders are used for all kinds of things. I use them for music at auditions, sorting all my college mail, and much more.

The six-pack of page flags has been put to very good use. I use them to mark pages in my textbooks for notes and math assignments along with keeping my place in notebooks/my current reading.

Ask anyone who's gotten a birthday/holiday gift from me in the last few months, these cards have been on all of them. With four different colors, they go with any color of gift and have just enough room for a sweet message to a friend or family member.

Major shoutout to Amy Ruth Designs, they have so many great products with everything from phone cases to notebooks. Be sure to check out Cathleen and Carrie's blogs for their posts!

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