Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#BHMMTravels: CLB in NYC

Surprise! It was hard but I kept a little secret that I would be spending my Memorial Day Weekend in the Big Apple. From meeting (Queen) Anna to seeing Brooklyn's last performance as Matilda, it was one jam-packed weekend, and here's how it played out. Oh, and of course I vlogged it all.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early at 4:30AM to catch our 6:30 flight. It was a pretty rude awakening but knowing we would be in NYC in a few mere hours made it a little easier.

One connection in DTW and we were LaGuardia bound. Upon landing, we took a subway to our hotel and checked in, getting settled before the big day ahead. We then walked to my all-time favorite pizza place in NYC, Two Boots. The name comes from their Italian roots with a Louisiana flair. We ordered, caught up with the littlest Shuck and her mama, then began to wait anxiously.

Then this happened.

Anna and I have been best friends since about fall of 2014. We constantly talked over Google+ Hangouts about meeting in person, but never thought it would become a reality. She was the first person I told about the trip, and we immediately arranged a lunch date.

Meeting her in person was so surreal. I kept pinching myself to check if I was dreaming, but I definitely wasn't. We got lunch and took a walk through Bryant Park with my family, her ADORABLE sister Liza, and her boyfriend Cam. It was a sad goodbye, but I know we'll be seeing each other very soon ;)

It was back to the hotel to freshen up and change for the show. Some winged liner, my new favorite dress (post soon?), and my trusty Jacks and we were off to the theatre.

The one, the only, BShuck

We met up with the Shucks again and helped some friends enter the show's lottery. After a quick bite, we were ready for the show.

Matilda. Oh y'all. I cried during Matilda without Brooklyn let alone with. She killed all her songs and is one of the best actresses I've seen, regardless. It made me so proud to see her up there onstage and, while it was sad for her throughout the show, it makes me happy to see what else she'll do.

We attended an after-party with some of the cast where I consumed way too many mozzarella sticks and took way too many pictures. It was then time for a sad goodbye, especially between Avery and Brooklyn. They've been best friends since preschool, so the rare moments they get together are valuable. Hope we get to see her onstage again very soon!

In the morning it was wheels up LGA and on to ATL. We connected there where we ate Popeye's and people-watched. I ended up getting back around 4, very happy to be home.

All in all I had an unreal weekend. We had such a good time as a family and I can't wait for our next adventure. This post is the first of many #BHMMTravels posts, stay tuned to see where I go next!


  1. This is so adorable, I love all your pictures and I'm glad you had a great time!!

  2. I loved all of these pictures. Anna is seriously the best and I'm so glad you two got to meet in person! Xoxo!

    Kate // asprinkleofkate.blogspot.com