Thursday, August 6, 2015

How Strong We Are

About a week ago I tweeted this, and gave very little context.

Many of you reached out, sending kind words my way about whatever was going on in my life. A few days later, I broke my silence about just what was going on in my life.

The response I got was completely overwhelming. Literally. My phone crashed multiple times from the texts, comments, and tweets from all y'all. Knowing that so many of you are there for me is ridiculous, and I can't say thank you enough.

I won't go into a lot of detail about the cancer itself, but I will say this. It's extremely treatable and, at the end of this road, I really am going to be okay. I'll still have my hair (no joke the question I get the most) and I'll come out of this even better than before.

When we got the diagnosis on July 28, I was crushed. Just when I thought my battle was over, it got even worse. And then I started thinking. My journey with Graves' taught me so much about myself. It's taught me just how strong I really am, both emotionally and physically. The girl who had a breakdown over getting blood drawn for the first time isn't even phased by needles anymore. I've learned how to handle stress and really force myself to buckle down and focus. This news is simply a bump in the road, and I'll get over it soon enough.

The night of my diagnosis, my dad sent me that quote and it really hit hard. I had never considered myself "strong" in any way before this battle. But because of this journey, I've had no choice but to be strong, and all in all it's made me a better person and shown me just how strong I can be. Again, thank you everyone for your amazing support and I look forward to conquering this battle with all of you behind me. Thank you for being #TeamCLB and showing your teal, pink, and blue. I love you all so much.


  1. You are SO strong and how open and brave you are about this is inspiring. Thank you for being such a role model to so many young women out there - I love you and am here to support you.



  2. A very dear relative went through the very same thing. Since then, she's given birth to two perfect little girls, gone through medical school, and just opened her own medical practice. She considers it a blip on the radar that tested her faith and reslience. I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but am sending warm thoughts and every hope that it is a similar "blip" on your journey to doing great things!