Friday, October 30, 2015

Stream of Consciousness: The Struggle Is Real

Hey. Remember me? I promise I'm alive y'all. And I feel really bad, I do. I started this blog to put my love of fashion and writing out there, and I've basically abandoned it. My blog, my baby. Something I've put a lot of hard work into and I've basically brushed it aside. And that makes me feel pretty bad.

So, now that my health is on the mend, I've decided to ease myself back in with at least one post a week. Get myself on the flow of writing again and remind myself why I started BHMM in the first place. Whether it's an outfit post or a reflection on something that happened in my life, I'll try my best to put out quality content on a regular basis, and it's just as much for y'all as it is for me.

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Okay, moving on to what's been happening in my blogging dry spell. My treatment went soooo well and I'm slowly recovering. There was nothing unexpected and I will repeat the whole process again in six months.

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I've been having so much fun over the last month or so getting to know and work with the Ali Cats! Been confused by the cat ears and overuse of the cat emojis on my Twitter? I'm so happy to be a part of The Ali Cats, a group of current high school juniors who represent Ali Ann Photography, a great photographer here in Lexington. We've all become great friends and I can't wait for the fun photoshoots to come with these girls.

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That's right y'all, I'm not going to Sadie's alone this year! I asked Hunter to Sadie's in possibly the most CLB way possible, at Keeneland. He of course said yes and I absolutely can't wait for the dance next week.

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This past weekend I went to Kentucky Thespian Festival with the drama department and had an absolute blast getting to know kids from around the state who love theatre like I do. The whole event was Clue-themed (like the board game) and we went all out with our costumes for the dance. I learned so much at the event and can't wait for next year.

Thanks for being patient with me as I ease back into things. I really love blogging and I really want to get to an even better place than I was at pre-cancer. But until then, keep up with my Instagram and Twitter to see when I do post OR go check out my school newspaper, PLD Lamplighter, where I am a staff writer and absolutely loving it. Until next time,

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