About Me

Hey y'all! If you've come to learn more about the girl behind the MacBook, you're in the right place!

I'm a seventeen-year-old highschooler living right in the middle of my old Kentucky home. I was born and raised in the Big Blue Nation and live for going to UK football and basketball games with my mom, dad, and little sister, Avery.

I've always loved fashion, pinning my little heart out and following along with a few bloggers, but I wanted to do more. I started BHMM in February of 2014 as a way to network with the bloggers I love and to give my input into the preppy/Southern fashion community.

When I'm not here blogging away, I am a competitive dancer and have been for nearly a decade. I live for performing on the stage in dances and musicals and dream of making it on Broadway one day.

What else? I love The Great Gatsby, Diet Peach Snapple, my old Kentucky home, Beyoncé, and much more. Besides my family I have two labs, a yellow and a chocolate, named Cawood and Claiborne respectively after some of UK's greats, and they are my babies.

So that's me. Another Southern girl blogging her days away. Follow along for about 3 posts a week about fashion, school, my daily life, and more. Contact me here!